Vancouver Canada


Read what other have to say about their Greeter experience.

Thank you. Martin was our greeter and he provided us with plenty of information which assist us tremendously to plan our stay in Vancouver. I was confused with information online but having Martin he cleared my confusion. Great job to these service and keep it up.

Visitor: Ruby Whaung – Australia – 24/01/2020

Greeter: Martin Johnston

This was a great experience with a Lot of interesting stuff with our Greeter Martin Johnston. thank you.

Visitor: Thomas Thomas Hausbrandt – Austria – 08/10/2019

Greeter: Martin Johnston

We enjoyed our walk with Cecilia very much, learned quite a bit and laughed a lot. Thank you!!

Visitor: Anja Wegner-Meyer – Germany – 30/08/2019

Greeter: Cecilia Vargas

Really lovely trail walk that Colleen chose for us. I learnt many things about Vancouver and Vancouverist lifestyle.

Visitor: Lucrecia Nicastro – Argentina – 02/08/2019

Greeter: Colleen Hale

Thank so much for your help, excellent program 😀

Visitor: Bianca Gomez – Mexico – 19/08/2019

Greeter: Debbie Wiebe

Absolutely enjoyed out time with Colleen. It’s reallygood spending time with a local, sharping stories and adventures

Visitor: Paula Connolly – Australia – 30/07/2019

Greeter: Colleen Hale

Martin Johnston was wonderful and extremely helpful with my visit in Vancouver, first with his welcome mail, then listening to my requests and changing his initial itinerary to better fit my wishes. I loved the murals and the pizza. he is a gem!

Visitor: Michèle Meyer – France – 27/09/2019

Greeter: Martin Johnston

It was a great experience!! The greater took me to various regions, was very attentive, very knowledgeable and super! I got soooooo much information and insights into the city, the region and the country. It was a very special experience. Thank you!!

Visitor: Joerg Haas – Germany – 26/08/2019

Greeter: Kathleen Harvey

Colleen was fabulous. We enjoyed her company and she showed us around Granville Island plus much much more. It was very clear that she loves her city and was so proud to show us around. Bob and I have loved this organisation as it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin to explore a big city. It is only recently we became aware of the Greeter organisation and I can’t speak highly enough of the friendly interaction. Thank you so much and a special Thank you to Colleen.

Visitor: Lorraine Richter – Australia – 11/08/2019

Greeter: Colleen Hale

We had such a wonderful walk today and enjoyed every minute. Our greeter, Kathleen, was " an open book". We heard so many interesting things, saw places, we wouldn't have seen by our own. Thanks for "greeting" us today! Iris and Knut Diers

Visitor: Iris Diers – Germany – 27/05/2019

Greeter: Kathleen Harvey